Giving our kids the
education they deserve.

Our Mission Statement

Over the last two decades, power in California has become increasingly centralized in Sacramento. Local School Boards and College Boards have little power outside of the ability to rubber stamp budgetary decisions made at the state level. If they were given more autonomy, these local school boards could function as dozens of little laboratories for Democracy. Same could be said about local governments. Municipalities are losing their voice and their governing right. As Sacramento grows, our neighborhoods and towns shrink.

Our Values



The Neighborhood Empowerment Coalition is a strong supporter of prudent local revenue and bond measures.


The Neighborhood Empowerment Coalition believes education funding should go to the classrooms, not to increased salaries for administrators and bureaucrats.


We supports public financing laws that create floors, not ceilings, on campaign spending so that all candidates who can demonstrate a level of viability have enough money to get their message out.

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The Neighborhood Empowerment Coalition believes that the best policy happens when voters can see and touch and feel their representatives. A small town school board member knows what’s going on in that small town’s schools a lot better than the State Board of Education up in Sacramento. A small town Mayor who lives down the street better understands the needs of the town than a Sacramento lobbyist hundreds of miles away.

The NEC is founded on the belief that local government is the best way to provide services that are user-friendly, honest, transparent, and efficient. The NEC will use its resources to promote candidates who support local control and neighborhood empowerment at all levels of government.


The NEC weighs in on campaigns all over California on behalf of candidates who stay true to our mission statement.